Jaaxy Review – Why I Recommend Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy review

Jaaxy is a relatively new keyword tool in the internet marketing space that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. As far as keyword tools are concerned, Jaaxy makes it to the top with it’s top of the range usability, accessibility, and convenience. Moreover, since it was created by two highly successful internet marketers who created Wealthy Affiliate University, you can expect nothing short of quality. But as the situation is right now, you probably need a Jaaxy review to help you decide if Jaaxy is worth picking over the other numerous keyword tools online. Well, here’s my review:

Reasons to Choose Jaaxy

1. Jaaxy is a Distraction-free Keyword Tool

Did you know that you could have achieved more within the time it took you to research just one keyword? That’s a fact! Other keyword tools provide you with information that doesn’t help you in any way. Those graphs, charts, and computations you get from other tools don’t define a good keyword. So you’ve probably been wasting your time. You are better off spending your time analyzing data that matters, data that predicts your search position and potential traffic effectively.

And this is the data you will get, all of which no other keyword tool in existence provides:

  1. QSR
    It’s a term that stands for “Quoted Search Results”, which is a more accurate method of evaluating competition. Several studies and experiments by many users of Jaaxy, including me, have proven that people who use this method of competition analysis almost always get top search engine rankings. And guess what? Only Jaaxy provides this data.
  2. KQI
    It’s an acronym for Keyword Quality Indicator. It shows red for a bad keyword, yellow for a decent keyword, and green for a good keyword. This helps you sort through keyword lists easily, and save time. It uses an algorithm that takes ranking potential, monthly traffic, and competition into account. Again, this is exclusive to Jaaxy.
  3. SEO Power
    With this data in your hands, you can determine if a keyword is worth pursuing for SEO purposes. It’s simple – not every keyword is suitable for SEO. Some are better utilized for pay per click advertising. Again, this saves you time and it’s also exclusive to Jaaxy.
jaaxy keyword tool review

Check your competition with Jaaxy

2. You Can Research Keywords on the go

Are you tired of being unable to use your keyword tool while you are away? Have you ever lost a bright keyword idea because you couldn’t research right away? Jaaxy solves all these and related difficulties. Jaaxy is web-based, not downloadable. This means you:

  • Get faster access to updates
  • No longer have to worry about compatibility issues (e.g operating system compatibility)
  • Can access your keyword tool at any time and anywhere, as long as you have an internet-ready device (android phone, iphone, ipad, netbook, laptop, etc).

3. Jaaxy is More Accurate

Accuracy is the hallmark of a good keyword tool and we all know that Google’s monthly search numbers are far from accurate; but that’s not the real problem. The main concern is that almost all other keyword tools rely on Google’s keyword tool, and therefore deliver inaccurate search numbers. However, Jaaxy provides a more realistic view of keyword search volumes through a special algorithm that compares data from different search engines, not just Google.

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4. Jaaxy is Complete

That’s a fairly outrageous claim but it’s not far from the truth. How many keyword tools let you have everything in one place? Let’s see what Jaaxy comprises of:

  • Brainstorm queue
    Gives you relevant additional keyword ideas, apart from the main results. You can find new niches that you never would have thought of.
  • Competition evaluation
    This helps you spy on your competition (the top 10 urls in Google for your keyword), right from Jaaxy, delivering a whole lot of useful information like word count, keyword density, pagerank, etc.
  • Affiliate program finder
    Find relevant affiliate programs with the click of a button.
  • Keyword management
    Organize, store, and export your keyword lists within and from Jaaxy.

review Jaaxy keyword tool


5. Jaaxy Isn’t Expensive

At $19 per month for unlimited access to Jaaxy while others charge in the $100s, you really can’t go wrong. What’s more, you can try Jaaxy for free without a credit card.


What I Don’t Like About Jaaxy Keyword Tool

There isn’t a perfect keyword tool so there are bound to be cons.

1. Jaaxy Keyword Tool Delivers Only 30 Results at a Time

Yeah, it doesn’t sound appealing, but that criticism was shortlived. I got a reaction from Kyle and Carson, the owners, after complaining to them about it. They said the most important/relevant keywords are displayed within those 30 results, and you can expand on any keyword by clicking on it. After receiving that response, this con became a pro for me. Seriously, have you seen how Google’s keyword tool displays a load of irrelevant keywords after the second page, sometimes after the first? Believe me, you don’t want to be wasting your time with irrelevant keywords.

2. Uhm…

Aside from the first, I can’t point out any other disadvantage of the online keyword tool in this Jaaxy review. Why not try it out now for free? I understand that it’s not ideal for everyone, and no keyword tool is. That said, you are under no obligation to upgrade if you don’t like it. The real opinion comes from experience and you could be using and testing Jaaxy 5 minutes from now.

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